K.C.Giggs Rock Night

K.C.Giggs live music events

K.C.Giggs, a small group of musically minded volunteers, was formed in 2013 to promote live music for the village and raise funds for our Community Centre. Our first big event was the first free Bobstock Live Music and Beer Festival in 2013, which has proved enormously popular with each subsequent year. We also hold themed live music nights, which have included a Jazz Night, Folk Night, Blues Night and a Rock Night, and music nights for the Kedington Steam and Vintage Show. We charge a small admission fee to pay for the very talented bands, performers and musicians. We have also become known for our real ales, ciders, and food including speciality burgers, which are provided at all our events.

Please do contact us if you have suggestions for a music night genre, or band, performer or musicians.

We hope to see you at our next event… check out the What’s on page for the events calendar.

K.C.Giggs is an associated group of Kedington Community Association.