Community garden project

The Community Garden project aims to create an attractive space for everybody in our community to enjoy and tend to, encouraging people from young to old to meet and make new friends, or simply relax with a book from the library, or a cup of tea and a cake from the Centre Cafè. The garden will be accessible to wheelchair users.

Eco friendly materials will be used to create different areas, and a paved walkway will link the Community Centre entrance with the library frontage, and lead to a circular amphitheatre that can be used for an outdoor classroom, stage, or simply an area for friends to meet up. Finally we intend to build a Boule court along the back of the building.

Our garden will give a sense of space and tranquillity, with a timber pergola for climbers such as Clematis, Jasmine, Wisteria, Honeysuckle and Passion Flower for their scent and colour. Hanging baskets, troughs and raised beds can contain flowers, fruit and vegetables. Planting can include soft and architectural shaped plants, tactile and scented plants including herbs and grasses, for a sensory experience. We will also have benches for seating, and insect and butterfly habitat areas.

For further information please contact Ross Van de Zande, and look out for posts on our KCA Facebook page with dates for the next stage.

Work to be carried out:

Stage 1: Excavate site and grade to appropriate levels – completed.

Stage 2: Install eco friendly landscape materials, membrane, aggregates and turf – completed.

Stage 3: Install timber infrastructure, create raised beds, add soil and improver.

Stage 4: Install hanging baskets, add soil and improver. Plant, mulch, and make wildlife habitat areas.

Stage 5: Install raised beds for various groups to manage and tend to.

Stage 6: Install boule court.

See below for the story so far: