Great Meadow

About the KCA

Kedington Community Association was formed in the 1960s, and is a registered charity. It consists of a Community Council made up of village members and representatives of village organisations. The KCA is responsible for maintaining the Community Centre and the Great Meadow situated at Arms Lane, Kedington, Suffolk for the benefit of the inhabitants of Kedington and surrounding parishes, which includes the town of Haverhill. Kedington Parish Council is the Custodian Trustee of the property, but the Community Centre and Great Meadow is managed and maintained by volunteers. The Association receives no direct funding from any Statutory Body or organisation, and relies exclusively on private and group hiring’s, section activities, fund raising and grants, to fulfil its constitution.

The Community Centre was officially opened in 1974 and currently provides facilities and activities for a range of users across all ages, including art, drama, friendship, a community café, religious services, fitness, photography, sports and youth. It is essential therefore that we continue to provide a building with services and facilities that can be sustained for the future, and remains a valuable resource open and available to everyone. We endeavour to further develop these facilities to meet our expanding population, but with a property of this age, maintenance is a significant issue and consumes a good proportion of our income.

The management of the Great Meadow, wooded area and River Stour is a key feature of every Association meeting, and is just as important as our Community Centre. We have a dedicated team of volunteers who are motivated to protect, manage and enhance the natural environment and habitat, to ensure this area is an accessible space to be enjoyed and appreciated by those that live in, and visit, our much loved village.

If you would like further information regarding the KCA please contact Barbara Tyler, or come along to the AGM held annually in April. For Community Centre hirings and general enquiries, or Kedington Community Association membership please contact Barbara Tyler via our Centre hire page.

Management team

President: Alan Barney

Chairman: Tony Farr

Vice Chairman: Charlotte Mitchell

Treasurer: Sue Brown

Assistant Treasurer: Paul Davis

Secretary: Rachel Darvill

Community Council:

Centre Café Coordinator: Lol Farr

Centre Care Taking Team: Bill Summers, Ross Van de Zande, Peter Upton

Health and Safety Officer: Steve Brown

Ketton Lotto Administrator: Barbara Tyler

Ketton Review Editor: Derek Raine

Meadowlark Coordinator: Bill Summers

Meadow Manager: Ross Van de Zande

Membership Secretary and Centre Bookings: Barbara Tyler

Publicity Manager and Webmaster: Vivienne Brar

Our Constitution